Quality Control

Our quality begins with the initial ads that reaches your lead.  We refuse to use words like "free" "pro bono" "legal aid" and other terms that lower quality.  We also use our credit return system to monitor for patterns of low qualilty. That allows us to tackle issues immediately and to constantly improve quality. We also use a 3rd party verification service which makes sure the prefix / area code are possible combinations in the US phone system.  In addition, we replace all VERIFIABLE wrong numbers, wrong legal categories, wrong locations, etc.

There are also several policies we have in place to ensure quality.

No Co-Registration

Co-registration basically means that someone visited a business for a product and was then convinced to give permission to hear about products from a second company.The two companies are exchanging contact information. An example might be when you book a hotel and agree to get information about car rentals or nearby tourist attractions.

We could easily write more about why this doesn’t work for legal leads, but the main thing is this. You need a legal lead to be actively seeking help, not considering it as an after-thought. You also need a legal lead to have taken some time and consideration in filling out a form to be properly vetted, which can’t happen by simply clicking a “send me more information about…“ box.

No "Incentivized" Leads


This is pretty straightforward. The lead is given an incentive to convince them to submit their contact information. The classic example is being entered into a contest of some kind. The problem here is obvious. The genuine concern or need on the lead’s part is immediately called into question.


We Constantly Update for Bar Regulations.


4LegalLeads consults with attorneys to constantly update to the latest paid advertising guidelines and disclaimers.