Why should I fund enough for 10-20 leads?


The most efficient way to get started with us is to fund your account during the sign-up process. However, you also have the option while creating an account to bypass funding, saving that step for later. Sometimes clients prefer to talk with us first. Just remember, your account won't start delivering leads until both your funding and targeting are established.


Technically, you can add funds to your account for as little as $1000.  We do NOT recommend this.  It would not activate our most powerful campaigns for your location and legal category.


We recommend you take your cost per lead and multiply it by 20. Fund this amount to begin with and try to keep your account funded enough to cover the next ten leads.  This allows us to announce your campaigns in our bi-weekly newsletter to all of our powerful partners and take time to add you to our internal advertising campaigns.


Funding 10-20 leads gives you a better chance to study your analytics. You are going to get a much better average of your conversion rate after the delivery of 10 to 20 leads or more.  


Since leads for legal categories can range from $20 to $1350/lead depending on the category, nearly all law firm clients fund at least five hundred to two thousand dollars.  Clients with large geographical coverage or needing huge lead flow will fund into the thousands so we can allot resources and build advertising campaigns to support their lead flow demands.  This allows us to setup the campaigns to match your areas of law and geographical requirements.  National campaigns will deliver far faster than more localized targeting.  


Keep in mind when funding your account, we always allow pro-rated refunds of any remaining balance in your account if you give us 24 hour notice.  There is also a fast and easy way to manage credit returns for individual leads in the Backoffice Portal when you login. We are probably one of the most fair and risk-free lead matching services in the legal industry.  We also don't require auto billing, which allows our clients to fund their accounts manually at their own pace and according to their own priorities.  

Earn Bonus Funding!

Sign up today to receive a...

3% Funding Bonus when you add $2000 or more to your account.

4% when you add $5000 or more.

5% when you add $10,000 or more.

6% when you add $25,000 or more.

6.5% when you add $50,000 or more.


7% when you add $100,000 or more.

Bonus funding is added automatically to your account. 

Bonus funding is not eligible as part of an account balance refund.


Adding Funding to Your Account


Here's our standard recommendation:

1. Find your category of law and its current pricing...

Categories and Pricing

2. Add enough funds to your account to cover 10-20 of those leads.

Remember, you won't be required to spend that much. You can stop at any time, and you always have a guaranteed, pro-rated account refund.

Scroll down to learn more about why we recommend 10-20 leads' worth of funding.