The “Cherry Picker System” is a unique, powerful service available to 4LegalLeads account holders. A small percentage of our exclusive leads end up in a holding pattern in our system because they don’t find a real-time attorney match for their exact subcategory/location combination at the exact time of the request. We’ve made them available so you can go “picking” and find the ones that work best for you. 

While exclusive, real-time leads are the best product we can offer our clients, this added-value service gives our clients access to a second database of valuable leads.

>  Strengthen your current lead flow with these unsold, “aged” leads.

>  Get big savings off of the retail rate on “aged leads”. (2 or more days past their original request.)

>  Just like our full-price service, these leads are exclusive. They have never been sold, and once they are they disappear from our system. It’s first come, first serve, so you’ll want to start picking right away.

Where do I find Cherry Picker Leads?

The leads are easy to search, accessed from the new “Cherry Picker” menu option now visible on the left side menu after you login to your Backoffice Portal account. 

How the Cherry Picker System Works

Purchasing Cherry Picker leads is quick and easy.

Simply check off the leads you want and click the green  “Add Checked to Cart” button at the bottom of the page. You can then checkout using your account balance. 

Helpful “Cherry Picker” Search Tips

1. Beyond sorting by columns, you can also click the filter symbol in the top right corner which will open the ability to sort leads by state, subcategory, and other criteria.

2. The range defaults to the current month. You can go back an indefinite amount of time, but if contacting leads 90 days past their official request for contact, make sure you follow all FTC laws and guidelines.

3. You’ll see a column that says “Lead Age” with numbers beneath. Those numbers (Starting with 2) represent how many days the lead has been in our system.