New to Legal Leads?

Marketing a law firm online is a highly-specialized, frustrating task, and it constantly threatens to pull an attorney’s focus away from the cases they care about.

That’s where 4LegalLeads fits into your marketing plan. You’re able to focus on the cases you care about while we bring twenty years of online marketing experience to the task of driving new, potential clients into your pipeline in the form of legal leads.

So What Are Legal Leads Anyway?

A lead is simply someone who is requesting legal help. They submit their request in a multitude of ways including a form filled out voluntarily on one of our websites or by calling in directly.

4LegalLeads provides exclusive connections in real-time based on your targeted combination of location and legal category. They’re delivered in a rotation with other attorneys who have similar targeting.

Here’s Why Legal Leads Work

Legal Leads are inbound leads, meaning people have chosen to reach out to an attorney from your legal category and your location. That choice alone is powerful, and when a Web Lead or Live Call is delivered to you with the features below, you have the best conditions for winning a new client.

  • Real-Time Delivery – The moment a lead makes a request, it’s routed to the attorney who matches its legal category and location. This is critical as the best possible time to speak with a potential client is the moment when they reach out for help.
  • Exclusivity – Unfortunately, some lead providers will put lawyers into a multi-share model where they’re forced into a race to see who can contact the same lead first. Exclusive leads provide you with the advantage you deserve: a one client per one lawyer connection.
  • Geo-Targeting – You can target nationwide or by state, county, or zip code radius. Then, you can make advanced adjustments like can customizing targeting for individual offices, cutting across or staying within state lines, and selecting specific categories of law for each office.

It's important to note that using both forms of leads, Live Calls and Web Leads, is a major part of a successful lead strategy. Having both types of leads empowers people to reach you in the way they feel more comfortable, and it opens the door to far more leads. 

Build on Your Strengths AND Expand into New Territory

4LegalLeads has over 40 areas of legal practice to choose from. Law firms can match legal categories to the attorneys with the right expertise, and they can also use legal leads to expand their practice into new areas of law.

Legal Leads Can Be Delivered in the Way That Works Best for You

4LegalLeads has many options for delivery. Live Calls are transferred right to your phone. Web Leads are available by email or SMS text. Then, there are advanced options that can deliver direct to your CRM or through an API.

You're Protected by Quality Guarantees

4LegalLeads has a “No Nonsense Policy” for its attorneys. We don’t see a need to lock you into an agreement. We’re simply determined to earn your business by providing quality leads.

  • There are no long-term contracts.
  • You have a 5-day window for returning invalid leads and one of the most comprehensive, generous return policies in the industry.
  • You control how much you spend and can adjust your funding levels manually or automatically.
  • If you decide to discontinue your lead service, there is a guaranteed, prorated refund of your account balance.

Here's How to Get Started

Create your account today so you can find an affordable, efficient marketing solution that fills your sales pipeline with leads and frees up the time you need to serve your clients and grow your firm. 

After you create your account, our support team will help you customize it and find the best targeting solutions for a successful search!

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