Step Ahead of Your Competition with 4LegalLeads!

Here are some of the ways stands apart from the competition while helping you do the same!

  • You get leads in REAL TIME, EXCLUSIVE to YOU ALONE. 

  • You don’t have to wait hours or even days to receive your leads. 4LegalLeads can have FRESH, REAL TIME leads in your new account within 30-60 minutes of funding. (Unless your account is very limited with states/categories.)

  • You have an easy to use refund procedure. This improves your ROI (Return of Investment) by getting $$ back into your account for NEW leads as quickly as possible.  

  • You can receive refunds for more reasons than just an invalid telephone number, which is all that many of our competitors choose to allow .

  • You don't need to receive “extra free leads” to "MAKE UP" for “bad leads or bad categories” like some of our competitors do. We constantly monitor the quality of our leads, and we take extra steps to try and prevent wasting your time with low quality leads.

  • Our minimum amount for account funding is only $50. 

  • You have full control of the exact states you want, all available at the same pricing. Customize your account for your personal sales strategy!

  • You have full control of the number of web leads that you want per day. Change it daily or even multiple times per day. It's up to you! 

  • You can PAUSE and UNPAUSE your account anytime to take calls or CONTROL your schedule. Receive leads when it's most advantageous for YOU.

  • You have access to the Backoffice Portal, online software which helps you keep notes and track the status of each lead you receive. Better organization leads to a better ROI on your investment in leads!   

  • You can earn a Referral Bonus of $50 in your account for referring others to our services. See the Referral section in this website to learn how.

  • You can earn Funding Bonuses to give you more leads for your investment.

  • Helpful customer service is just a phone call or email away.

  • We offer guidance here on the website or in person to help increase your retention and sales.

In the end, we're a family-owned business with deep respect for the Legal Plan business YOU are building. We do everything we can to help you succeed and step ahead of your competition!

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