1) How can I change my lead status?

1) When you are inside your back office go to MY LEADS > LEGAL or MY LEADS > INBOUND PHONE

2) Click on the lead ID and the window will open up. Towards the middle on the left side the status says ‘NEW’ by default. 

3) Once you have contacted the lead, click the word NEW to change the status to Followup 1, Followup 2, Followup 3, Followup 4, Followup 5, Processing, Sale/Sold/Closed (If they signed up for your legal plan.) or  DEAD. (If you don’t see any reason to ever followup with the lead or are requesting a refund for the lead.) 

This helps you see at a glance what status each lead is and helps you remember to follow up on each of your leads. Remember, in the sales industry most sales take place within 2-5 follow-ups.

2) Should I change the status of each lead?

Staying on top of your lead status modifyers helps you sell more Legal Plans by making sure you don't lose track of opportunities. It also helps us improve our lead quality for you! It's actually a critical part of the process of using your account with 4LegalLeads, and we highly recommend you remain vigilant in using this function of your Backoffice Portal.

  • IF associates consistently use “Sold/Sale/Closed” for sales made and “Dead” for a bad lead, we can gather data to see which categories convert into sales more often, and which categories result in more refunds or unresponsive leads. Over time, this helps us focus on the best-performing categories and improve the leads we provide for you.

  • If you use "Followup 1-5 , Sold/Closed, and Dead" as you call and followup on leads, you will be able to see at a glance which leads you need to keep following up with and which leads converted into a sale. With this information, you can 1) Increase retention by calling them and making sure they are happy with the membership and 2) Ask them for referrals to contact for MORE potential sales and perhaps share the business opportunity if they are a happy member.

3) Why can't I find my older leads in my Backoffice Portal?

When you are logged in, look at MY LEADS > LEGAL  for your Traditional Web Leads and MY LEADS > INBOUND PHONE for your Live Call Transfer leads. If you don’t see all your leads displayed, look in the upper right side just above "TYPE OF LEGAL PROBLEM", and you will see a date showing. Hover over that date and click it to select "ALL" or "THIS MONTH", and you should see more of your leads on the page.

How do I use Backoffice Portal to organize my leads?

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4) Can I add notes and conversation details to leads in my Backoffice Portal?

Yes, if you prefer to keep your notes on each lead in one, convenient location, I recommend using the Backoffice to track all of your follow-up conversations and status updates on each lead. Go to MY LEADS > LEGAL for your Web Leads and MY LEADS > INBOUND PHONE for your Live Call Transfer leads (if you buy these leads). In either of these sections, when you click on the name or telephone number of the lead a pop-up window will open on your computer. (Make sure your internet browser is not blocking pop ups in the top right corner). 

When the window pops open, you can click the top right plus sign to ADD NOTES to the lead. This is where you can add conversation details and/or a different telephone number or email address (for Live Calls). You can record details about their legal problem and add information such as the best time to follow up with them.