How do I add funding to my account?


1) How do I add funds to my account?

When viewing your Backoffice Portal, the left side has a menu of available functions. Select FUND YOUR ACCOUNT at the bottom left. Enter the amount you would like to fund. (Do NOT use a dollar sign.) You may use a decimal and zeros if desired.  

PLEASE NOTE: When you enter your expiration date, do NOT use a slash (/) or hyphen (-). It will not process your payment. Use only 2 digits for month and 2 digits for year. 

2) What is the minimum amount I can pay for new leads?

$50 is the minimum amount for you to fund in your account. (Funding more earns a FUNDING BONUS. See below!) You will use these funds as quickly or as slowly as you desire. You're in control. We deduct from your balance AS YOU RECEIVE a lead in real time. So, if you set a limit of 2 leads per day (learn how below), you will only see the cost of 2 leads deducted from your balance. You'll want to keep your account funded so you don't miss out on leads.

3) Do you offer a FUNDING BONUS?

Yes! The more you fund, the higher the bonus. This is a great way to get account credit towards extra leads or to cover your Live Call Telecommunications Charge (8 cents per minute).  When you click ADD FUNDS to your account, you will see the following at the top of the page. Choose whichever bonus you would prefer and fund that amount or higher. 

  • Add $150 or more for 5% Funding Bonus!

  • Add $300 or more for 10% Funding Bonus!

  • Add $600 or more for 15% Funding Bonus!

  • Add $1000 or more for 20% Funding Bonus!

Bonus funding is added automatically to your account within 24 hours. Bonus funding is not eligible as part of an account refund.

4) What does "Auto Fund" or "Manual Fund" mean?

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT change the default funding setting from ADD FUNDS ONLY ONCE. Keep this setting so that you retain MANUAL control over funding. If you click the other blue dot and change this setting to AUTOMATIC, your CC will be automatically debited whenever your account balance is below $200 - we do NOT recommend auto billing for legal plan associates, so every account is set at a DEFAULT one-time charge setting. (If you change this setting, you are responsible for payment.)  


When funding, click SUBMIT at the bottom and DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE, DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT more than 1 time.  Do not Click the BACK button.

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