1) Did you know you can read about the legal problem on your WEB LEAD before you call them?

Most Web Leads fill out a short summary of their legal problem when requesting legal help. You can find this in your MY LEADS > LEGAL area of your Backoffice Portal. Click on the lead's name, and in the popup window there is a tab that says OTHER INFO. When you click that, a little paragraph will usually drop down with more info on their legal matter. This information can help you determine the area of your legal plan service that will benefit their particular legal situation before you make the call.

2) What does the lead receive or see before I call them?

We send lead an email confirmation that they will be contacted within 24 hours by you. We only provide the lead with your name, phone number, and a website if available. 

We RECOMMEND providing us with an 800 (toll free) phone number instead of your personal one. Of course, it's also helpful to CALL them from that 800# as well, so that they will recognize and answer it!

PLEASE NOTE: We can only send leads a confirmation if they provide us with an email address. 

The automated email response looks like this, but with YOUR contact info filled in automatically. Email [email protected] if you want to put an 800 (toll free) number in this location of your account.


We have just received your information, and your request for legal services has been processed based on your geographical location and area of law. 

Below you should see your legal services provider. They will be in touch soon, but you don't have to wait for them to contact you. You're welcome to use the information below to get things started faster. Otherwise, they will attempt to contact you within 24 hours. Our goal is to provide you with an affordable legal solution for both current and future legal matters.

Name: {Your.FNAME} {your.LNAME}

Phone: {your.PHONE}

Website: {your.WEBSITE}

Thank you, We look forward to serving your legal needs soon.

3) Is text or email notification available to tell me I have received a lead?

Yes. When you setup your account, you have the opportunity to enter a cell phone number in order to receive courtesy text notifications when Web Leads reach your account. 

You will ALSO receive an email notification. However these can filter to your spam folder, so make sure you always check spam folders and mark them NOT SPAM until your email provider recognizes they are important.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT REPLY TO TEXT MESSAGES! The text message is from 4LegalLeads, not from the lead. Replying to the text with how they can contact you will only come back to our company.  

For the most effective approach, use the lead contact information to CALL them FIRST and EMAIL them SECOND. Reserve texting for a THIRD attempt or later on so you don’t break any texting laws with solicitation. 

4) IMPORTANT! What does TCPA stand for?

TCPA stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It prohibits sales calls from being made using automatic telephone dialing systems, artificial or prerecorded voices, or text messaging when the called party could be charged for the call without permission. 

The person seeking legal help is asked (because we are required by law to ask) if they would accept those types of calls. If they respond yes, then all of those types of communication are fair game. If they respond no, that means that they only want to be contacted using a live human on the phone.  


If the record for your lead reads "TCPA: Yes", you may contact them by text. However, If the lead reads "TCPA: No", you may not. 

That being said, it's generally recommended NOT to use text for initial contact as consumers are way more sensitive to marketing message via text. Even with permission, there can be a $1500 fine per text message if the text is the initial contact method used, and the lead disputes they gave permission. We ask for TCPA permission, but that doesn't mean they can't "dispute" or "forget" the fact they agreed to it. We recommend using text more casually for follow up communication once you have already established a sales conversation.

5) Can I download my Live Call recordings and use them to help train my downline associates?

Yes! You can download any of the recordings in your Backoffice Portal by going to MY LEADS > INBOUND PHONE. Next to the player on the right is a little download arrow. It will download the file to your computer, and you can then attach it to an email for training purposes. You can show them your best practices in answering calls.


The customer was told prior to transfer that their call would be recorded for quality and training. However, please make sure the recording you select does not contain sensitive information such as credit card details before you share it with any of your associates.

How can I use the Backoffice Portal to help prep for a sales call?

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