How do I request a refund credit for an invalid lead?

1) Where do I ask for a lead refund/credit for an invalid lead?

When you are logged in for your Backoffice Portal, here' where to find this function.



In this section, you will see leads that are eligible for a refund, which means they are 5 days old or less (five 24-hour periods). Select a reason from the drop-down box, and type a detailed description. Then, click submit on the far right. 

Verification of refund requests can take up to 2-5 business days sometimes, so please make sure you have funds in your account to avoid a disruption of lead delivery. All requests are verified by our Verification Department,  and what the lead tells the verification department is usually final. Returns on Live Calls will be verified by the recorded call only, so if the recording does not prove the return reason, the return refund request will not be approved. 

REMEMBER: We don't refund if a lead is not interested in a legal plan service membership or chooses not to purchase. It's up to you to convince them that your legal plan is their best solution to their legal situation. 

2) I am trying to request a refund on a specific lead, and I can’t find the lead # in my Request Refund section.

If you don't see the lead in the Refund Request section, then the lead has passed the 5-day eligible return window. (five, 24-hour periods from the exact time the lead was sold to you.) We are very strict about this return window, as we give a longer amount of time then most of our competitors. 

There are very rare situations that can qualify for an exception if it is just outside the 5 days. If you feel you have an exceptional situation, (ie. a hurricane, a natural disaster, or some other situation out of your control) you can email us to ask for consideration.

3) How long should a pending refund request take?

It takes 2-5 business days for the Verification Department to research the history of the lead, listen to any necessary recordings, and call the lead to discuss your reason for return. Weekends, holidays and the end of the month can cause more delays. Try not to wait on the credit to replenish your account balance for new leads as there is nothing we can do to expedite this process. It takes several days to make a thorough, fair investigation.

4) Why can’t I find some of my pending or recently approved refund requests?

The date window on the page is probably not showing the full week or month. Always make sure the date window is opened up to more than TODAY or PAST 7 DAYS if you want to see lead requests that date back further.

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5) What happens to the funds after the refund request is approved?

In your transaction section you will see the credit listed for that specific lead refund. The money goes back into your account balance at the top of your account. If your account is ACTIVE to receive new leads you may quickly receive a new lead from your credited account.

6) What happens to the LEAD after I am approved for a refund request?

When refunded, the lead leaves your MY LEADS > REFUND STATUS section and is no longer attached to your account. 

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure you only request refunds on leads that you are VERY sure are ineligible or have other, obvious return reasons like wrong phone numbers, full mailboxes, etc. It's possible you have a lead that's on the fence and could sign up after the traditional 2-5 follow-ups. If they did decide to reach out through our system the next day or a few months later they would become a NEW LEAD and would go to a NEW legal plan associate.  The initial work you did on sharing your legal plan could go to a new associate who would potentially be able to make a quick, easy sale. 

The 5-day refund window encourages you to make a quick decision, but if the lead seems at all like it has potential you might want to consider if you should hang on to it and keep following up in case their circumstances change. You never know if/when that one lead could decide to be an amazing legal plan associate in your downline someday or generate referrals. 

7) What if I received a refund on a lead and then they contact me to buy my legal plan membership?

This happens once in a while. We do get emails from associates who ask us to reverse a refund because it turned out that the lead DID decide to become a member. We do appreciate this honesty.  HOWEVER, This is another reason to think carefully before applying for a refund and to shift your focus to providing the adequate amount of follow-ups to make the sale. Studies show that making 2-5 follow-ups over an extended length of time becomes critical to converting as many sales as possible.