How are refunds processed? offers more valid reasons for refunds on legal plan leads than any of its competitors. Many of the reasons for refunds are quick and easy to verify. Others require more background research by our Verification Department, and, as you’ll read more about below, some are complicated by the fact that leads will sometimes tell a different story to sales associates than they do to our Verification Department.

We try to prepare our associates for the idea that not all of their refunds requests can be granted, but we also guarantee that our team will work hard to find a fair resolution and that our associates will be able to have an understandable, transparent rationale for the denial.

Read on for more details about how our refunds are processed...

  • Returns on Web Leads are processed by the verification department. They read the lead's written description, listen to any recorded live calls on file, and/or call leads to verify the reason for return.

  • Returns on Live Calls will be verified by the recorded call only, so if the recording does not prove the return reason, the return refund request will not be approved. (PRO TIP: We encourage you to verify that they are looking to hire legal help right away. That way you'll always have that critical information recorded in your calls!) 

  • Please do NOT return a lead unless you know it will qualify for one of our valid return reasons. Appeals to a denial are for rare exceptions when a mistake has been made. Decisions are Final unless an error was made.

  • It can help your sales to focus LESS on quickly returning leads and more on making the adequate amount of follow-ups to close the sale. Studies show that 2-5 follow-ups over an extended length of time is critical to converting sales. The credit you receive now could turn into a much bigger commission in the future if you don't release the lead too soon. We encourage associates to think carefully before giving up that possibility. 

  • Verification of refund requests can take 2-5 business days, so please make sure you have adequate funds in your account to prevent a disruption of lead delivery. 

  • If the refund is denied, it's usually because the Verification Department discovers that a sale could still be possible with additional communication and follow up. See our list of reasons for denials on this website.

  • When making a final determination, the conversation that takes place when our Verification Department calls the lead is given heavier weight than the information you were given when communicating with the lead. Leads will sometimes make false statements to get a sales person off the phone if they are not interested in their product. However, when speaking with our Verification Department leads are more open with details and information because they are not being sold anything and are just providing feedback on their experience or intentions.

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