The following are common examples (not an exhaustive list) of INVALID reasons for refund requests.


If a lead is not interested in a legal plan membership. This is out of our control and up to the associate to convince a lead that their legal plan is the best solution to their situation. It often takes 2-5 followups to make the sale.

If a lead wants a “free consultation” before  hiring an attorney.  Often, associates can convince the lead how a "free" consultation is not the best option. Most free consultations are just a way for a law firm to get someone into their office with the goal of getting them to sign a retainer and pay full price per hour for their legal services. When a lead requests or insists on the free consult first, explain to them how that works with a traditional attorney, and explain how your affordable legal plan provides unlimited legal advice! You can also explain that if their issue is not directly covered under the legal plan membership, they will receive a 25% discount on the law firm's hourly rates. If they STILL don't see the value, then this is considered a lead that is not interested in your legal plan, because they want to hire an attorney the traditional way. This lead will not be eligible for a refund request. 

For unreturned voicemails/emails/texts. If the lead doesn’t call you back this could mean that they are not interested in using your legal plan services, or it could mean that they are busy and are still intending to reach out to you. There is also the possibility that you are calling from an out-of-state telephone number instead of a toll-free number. Using an 1 (800) number to call your leads can help increase the number of calls that are answered. The MAIN BENEFIT of using our LIVE CALL leads is that you don’t have to play phone tag. You are connected to the person live AS THEY ARE REACHING OUT FOR LEGAL HELP, and you are immediately able to share your legal service plan with them.

If the lead found other legal help after the lead was sent to you. Taking advantage of our real-time lead delivery is your best way to avoid missing a sale. Be sure to follow up immediately.

If the email address is incorrect or non-responsive. We only guarantee a working telephone number with an ACTIVE, AVAILABLE voicemail.

If the lead prefers a local attorney. 

If the lead doesn't want to pay for a membership but still wants help from an attorney.

If the lead only wants assistance with one legal issue. Convince them it is safer to have the legal plan in place for any future legal matter so that it won’t be pre-existing.

If the Lead “just has a question”. This is a sales opportunity, since “unlimited access to legal advice for any legal matter” is the main selling point of a legal plan. Explain how they would have access to a CREDIBLE, TOP rated law firm that SPECIALIZES in the area of law relevant to their question so that answers aren't generic or unqualified.

If the lead was interested then changed his/her mind.

If the lead "could not afford," "didn't have money," or "didn't want to pay" unless further research by our refund Verification Department determines they qualify for a refund for a different reason. Often, even if a lead says at the time of your first call they cannot afford to pay, they will end up finding a way later on IF THEY SEE THE VALUE in having it vs. not having it. Following up 2-5 times is the key to leading people to that decision.

If they are "not ready to use a lawyer." In this case, we recommend you continue to follow up so that you are the first thought when they change their minds.

If the lead hangs up (unless it was a technical issue). Leads that hang up usually meet one of the reasons above for deciding to hang up on you, such as: "interested but changed their mind," "doesn’t want to commit financially to a membership," "feels better with a local solution," or "doesn’t see the value in your legal plan quite yet." These are not refundable and can often turn into a sale if the associate is good at follow-up, building a trusting relationship with the lead over time.


“No contact” is not an eligible reason for return in the lead industry. If the lead has a working voicemail, it is considered valid. We simply can’t control the lead's availability. Make sure you are reaching out via phone/email/text making the best possible effort toward success.

“That doesn’t seem fair.” While this is standard in the lead industry, that doesn't mean it's fair. We don't think it's fair that you pay for leads you are unable to speak with, so we will extend you the following that most lead providers won't.

If a you are concerned that the phone number might not be accurate after several days of attempts (email/phone/text), you are welcome to reach out to us via email asking us to do additional research. If we find something that leads us to believe the number might be invalid, we may be able to credit the lead as a courtesy. We can only do this if the lead has never been requested for credit through your account and only after 5 days of effort on your part first. (Remember, that’s defined as five, 24-hour cycles from the moment of delivery.)

“What if I finally speak with the lead after the 5-day window and it's invalid?” It’s always possible that you will end up connecting with the lead after all, but it's too late to request credit in your account if it's invalid. However, as long as we haven't closed out the month and the lead has never been requested for credit through your account, we are happy to manually submit this request for you outside the 5-day return window.

What are INVALID requests for a refund?
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