How can I improve retention? 

Whether you are using leads to increase your business, getting a booth at an event, or finding new legal plan members elsewhere, retention issues are the same. Here are some ideas to help.

  • Build a relationship with your new members. Don’t just sell them a plan and then forget about them in search of the next sale. Periodic follow-up will instill confidence in both you and the product. Use our STATUS label “CLOSED/SOLD” in the Backoffice Portal so you can easily go back and find your leads who signed up for memberships. Then, you can follow-up with them with questions. For example, did they use the plan yet? Did they get their will done? Did they remember not to sign any rental agreements or purchases without the lawyer looking over the contract for FREE before they sign? Did they remember the plan now has affiliate discounts as well?

  • Make sure you address more than their current legal matter in sales conversations. Help them see the potential for the future. If they understand the value in the other areas of the membership, they will be less likely to cancel. For example, explain how pre-existing coverage works, especially the traffic ticket coverage (And especially if they have teen drivers in the home.) Help them see how not having the membership active when they need it can be a COSTLY mistake!

  • Always check back to ask for referrals! Not only could you get a few names to contact regarding some new membership sales, but this is your opportunity to tell them how THEY can become an associate and make the commission themselves. 

  • Don’t use an autoresponder for leads you want to purchase the membership, but use one for leads that JOIN your program so that they remember why it is best to keep it.

  • If a lead can afford one year upfront, (Which is about the cost of one hour of standard legal help!) then sign them up for the full year instead of the monthly plan. Be careful to calendar follow-up actions though. It's easy to forget the need to check in with people when they are committed for the year, but it's up to you to be sure they see the value of the plan during that time. Otherwise, it's likely they won't renew!

  • Track your sales data such as the categories and states where you are making sales! As you understand your sales patterns, you can transition to our Priority Delivery with Category Selection Package. This allows you to narrow down your lead flow to the categories and states where you both close sales AND retain members. This could improve your return on investment in your leads. Being TOO specific could affect your volume, but you can optimize your targeting over time. For example, in that package you are welcome to pick ALL non-licensed states or just a handful of specific states. There's no extra charge to have that control.

Try these helpful tips for improving your legal plan member retention rate!

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