Are leads not returning your voice messages?

  • Using a 1 (800)  number to call your leads can help increase the number of calls that are answered!

  • There is a strong possibility that you're calling from an out-of-state telephone number, instead of a toll-free number, and the lead is pre-judging that you can't help them or won't trust the number because you are not local. Many affordable 1 (800) systems are available as a solution to this.

If this issue wastes a lot of valuable time, consider switching to or adding LIVE CALLS to your lead account. These leads call you directly, and you don’t have to deal with leaving a voice message.

Is it a bad idea to use a spam filter program for screening incoming emails?

Quite a few associates use Boxbe and other, similar programs for reducing spam. We warn against using these. The amount of time it takes to become an "approved" sender will cause you to lose a large percentage of potential sales. People just won't do it. Make communication with your leads as easy as possible!