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The Rewards Program

for Attorneys at 4LegalLeads provides exclusive, real-time legal leads to help attorneys grow their law firms with quality leads.
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Earn 4LegalLeads Rewards Points Now!

You can earn 4LegalLeads Rewards Points simply by funding your account!...but it doesn't stop there!

Earn Points ANYTIME You Fund

  • 1 Point per $1 Funded


BONUS Points Earned When Funding Higher Amounts

  • $1,000 Spend = 500 Points 
  • $2,000 Spend = 2,000 Points 
  • $4,000 Spend = 5,200 Points 
  • $8,000 Spend = 12,400 Points 
  • $20,000 Spend = 35,000 Points 
  • $50,000 Spend = 95,000 Points 


UNLIMITED Referral Bonuses

  • 10,000 Bonus Points for Referrals (Referral's account must spend $1,000+ over time)


Share Your Experience with Testimonials (by Invite Only)

  • 2,000 Bonus Points


Surveys and Webinars:

  • Earn Bonus Points for Participating in Surveys and Webinars


Anniversary Loyalty Reward

  • Special!! Scales based on VIP Tier Level


Annual Birthday Surprise

  • Special!! Scales based on VIP Tier Level


Look out for Holiday Specials, Early Bird Events, Instant Wins, Mystery Prizes, Interactive Games and other fun ways to earn Rewards Points that are personalized to your account!


VIP TIER LEVELS: Earn scaling bonus points and other digital rewards as you hit milestones with 4LegalLeads Rewards Points Program through your rolling 12 months of activity.


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$10 Credit

$25 Credit

$60 Credit

$140 Credit

$400 Credit

$900 Credit

$2,500 Credit

$13,750 Credit

PLEASE NOTE: 4LegalLeads does NOT ever list your website (including hub site) in CPC search traffic. We will never send CPC clicks (such as AdWords/Bing) to your hubsite via search campaigns per the requested guidelines of legal plan companies wishing to keep that official traffic for themselves. Those seeking legal help will be connected to you from our own ongoing site traffic and call platforms we've built over the last 20 years.

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