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Funding and Referral Bonuses

for Attorneys at 4LegalLeads provides exclusive, real-time legal leads to help attorneys grow their law firms with quality leads.
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Fund your account as much or as little as you choose... 

You can earn Big when funding at higher levels.

Take advantage of...

 Current Funding Bonuses

Add $2000 or more for 3% Funding Bonus!

Add $5000 or more for 4% Funding Bonus!

Add $10,000 or more for 5% Funding Bonus!

Add $25,000 or more for 6% Funding Bonus!

Add $50,000 or more for 6.5% Funding Bonus!

Add $100,000 or more for 7% Funding Bonus!



 - Add enough funds for 15-20 leads/calls in order to get a sense of lead flow, lead quality, and to stay eligible for new Exclusive leads and Pre-Qualified calls.

- Choose "Fund this amount each time it goes below the cost of one lead including now if that is the case" for Auto-Funding. Get an additional 2% for each auto triggered funding. (Bonus levels still apply!)

- Update the STATUS of your leads so we know which leads are WORKING. Firms updating the Statuses see a higher close rate!

- Request Refund for an invalid leadFull list of eligible return reasons here. (Return window = five 24 hour cycles from the time you received the lead) Accurate return requests will help your ROI and provide feedback necessary to optimize the campaigns. Return requests are verified and processed in 3-5 business days.

- Please provide 24 hour notice via [email protected] for any updates or request to pause your account.

- Refund of remaining balance must be requested within 120 days and will be sent back to the card used for that transaction. Bonus Funds are not eligible as part of a refund of remaining balance.

Active and funded accounts are eligible for new leads. If you would like to make changes to previous targeting, please contact [email protected] before adding funds.

Stay funded and keep leads coming to YOU and not to your competitors!

For account activation, please email [email protected] or call 888 847 4437

We are here for your success!

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Refer a New Attorney and Earn up to 

$1,000 Credit!

As a thank you to current customers, is introducing the Referral Bonus! 

How does the Referral Bonus work? Easy!

All you have to do is refer a new attorney to

When that attorney or law firm creates a new account and makes an intial fudning of at least $1000, you'll recieve a $500 credit in your account. That's $500 you can put towards more Excluisve Leads & Prequalified calls for YOU!

There's More!

If the new attorney makes an initial funding of $5000 or more AND integrates their CRM, you'll receive a $1000 credit in your account! (Talk about earning money in your sleep!)

Do I Need a Referral Code?

No! The referred attorney can simply enter your name or your law firm's name when they answer the question "How did you find us?" when they fill out their new account form. They can also let our support team know during setup or email us at [email protected].

More Questions? 
Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (844) 844-0504 and speak to our dedicated Support Team!

In the meantime, login & fund your account, and let us know which leads have closed so we can send you more of those!