How do Legal Plan Leads work?

1. FIND the people who need you!

Your personal networks and relationships will only take you so far in Legal Plan sales, but Legal Plan Leads can connect you to nearly unlimited potential for sales. How many people you connect with is all up to you!

Think of it like this. By creating your account, you are hiring a nationwide marketing firm with nearly 20 years of expertise in digital advertising for Legal Plans, and you only pay us when you receive a valid lead. 

Our massive, online advertising engine locates people who are actively seeking legal help and sends them your way as exclusive, real-time leads. Exclusive means you are the only person receiving that lead from our company. Real-time means you get the lead the moment someone asks for help. These two features together give you the best chance at making a sale.

2. You CONNECT with people at the BEST possible moment. 

You will connect with leads in one of two ways. 

Our most popular option is our Exclusive LIVE CALL lead service. There's no phone tag and no risk of missing a connection as the lead chooses to call you directly!

Our other option is our Exclusive WEB LEAD service, where people submit a form online that they would like to be contacted. Right after the lead pushes the button to submit, you will receive their information in Real-Time and have the chance to contact them.

You'll want to use BOTH options. Some people are more comfortable on the phone than others, and you will miss out on leads if you only choose one form of communication over the other.

Either way, you're connecting with someone who needs legal help in the moment they are most open to it! It's the perfect time to share your passion for Legal Plan membership and to help them see the long-term benefits of the plan! 

3. The rest is up to YOU!

The most successful associates and executive directors we work with are the ones who do the following...

  • They take advantage of Live Calls and Real-Time delivery and waste no time in reaching out to a lead. This drastically improves their odds of making a strong connection and a sale.
  • They work hard on refining their sales pitch but also listen closely to a lead's concerns.
  • They are diligent in following up with leads multiple times. 
  • They take the time to establish professional-looking websites, email addresses, and phone numbers which help earn the lead's trust.
  • They manage their accounts well and submit invalid leads for returns without fail. This helps US track any quality issues that come up.
  • And most importantly, they sell leads on the long-term benefits of membership and build long-lasting relationships with them in order to get the best results from commissions. 

With these disciplines in place, you'll be able to get the most value from your leads, and you will do so with our ongoing support!

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How do

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