How to Customize

Your Account

After you have CREATED and FUNDED your account, it is still inactive. You have the opportunity to customize your account so that it works in the best possible way for you. Here's a walkthrough below, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact [email protected]!

1. Find the "Manage Lead Settings" Menu.

Login to your account and look at the menu on the left-hand side of your account portal. Click the option that says "Manage Lead Settings."

2. Find the "Activate" and "Edit" Options.

On the next screen, you have the ability to choose and edit ALL of our different lead types to create your own powerful combination! Note that to the left of each lead type, there is a red or green box and a pencil edit icon. 

If the red/green box is GREEN with a checkmark, you have indicated that you want to START DELIVERY on THAT LEAD TYPE! (Note, if your account screen says "Temporarily Stopped" at the very top, nothing will happen yet. Your overall account must be active for individual lead types to deliver.)

Then, you can click on the pencil icon to EDIT your SETTINGS for that lead type. Click on that and explore the next screen.

3. Edit Your Daily Lead Limit and Select Your States.

Once you have clicked the pencil edit icon, a new screen appears where you have MANY options which you can edit. On the first, you can indicate the maximum number of leads you want to receive each day.

Below that, you can select the states from which you want to receive leads. It's easiest and best to leave them all selected, but you may have a reason for limiting your selection.

4. Tell Us Where You Want Your Leads Delivered!

In this simple section, plug in the email address where your leads will be sent and a phone number for text notifications of new leads. (Or in the case of Live Calls, you will enter the phone number to which your calls will be directed!)

5. Select Your Legal Categories (Priority Delivery Only).

Priority Delivery Leads give you the option to select specific categories of law in which your leads will be seeking help. Experienced associates like to customize these options. This section is pre-populated with our most popular options, and you can customize from there. (There are more options than what's shown below.)

6. Set Your Delivery Schedule!

In the "Operating Hours" section at the bottom, you get to set the hours when you want to receive leads! You can do this for Web Leads AND Live Calls. 

(PRO TIP! Click the plus sign icon on the far right to add MORE time frames during the week when you want to receive leads!)

(EXTRA PRO TIP! DON'T FORGET to SAVE your changes with the blue button at the bottom!)

7. Check Out Your Shortcuts!

Now, exit your "Edit Settings" menu and return to see your list of available Lead Types. There are shortcuts on this page. 

First, look at "Is it currently within my day/hour settings?" If this column shows a green YES, then that Lead Type is CURRENTLY within your schedule and delivering. However, you can click on the YES or NO box to further edit your delivery schedule.

Then, look at the "Daily Limit" column. Click on these columns for a shortcut to editing your daily lead limit.

8. Don't Forget to Activate Your Account!

Remember, these settings only control individual lead types, settings, and delivery. Your overall account must be active as well. To activate your account, click the ACTIVATE ENTIRE ACCOUNT button. If your screen reads "Temporarily Stopped" up top, your account is paused!

9. Use the "Manage Lead Settings" Screen to Activate Individual Lead Types.

Remember, once your entire account is active, you can now use your "Manage Lead Settings" screen to activate individual lead types within your account. Simply click the red/green box on the left of each lead type to turn those leads on or off for delivery. Green is on and red is off.

Once your entire account is active, you will see a green "Active" sign at the top of your account screen.

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