No Contracts. No Auto-Billing


You help legal plan members manage their risk. Why shouldn't we do the same for you? The policies below make sure your investment with us is as low-risk as possible.


After you create your legal plan account, we will setup your requested targeting. You can begin receiving leads once you add funds to the account. 


4LegalLeads is unique in that we do NOT require long term contracts NOR do we auto-bill. You control how much you spend and add funds when you need more leads. 


Lead Refund Requests

and Account Refunds

We have an extremely fair system for making Lead Refund Requests for individual, invalid leads. You have a 5-day window (defined as five, 24-hour cycles from the moment of lead delivery) within your Backoffice Portal to make a Lead Refund Request.

(Please see our online handbook for legal plan leads to see a full list of VALID reasons for Lead Refund Requests. or click the link below.)

4LegalLeads also offers pro-rated refunds of your account balance. You can give us 24-hour notice and request a pro-rated Account Refund (less any bonus funding you have received) at anytime within 120 days of adding those funds to your account.

(Please Note: An Account Refund must be to your ORIGINAL source of payment, and the 120-day window cannot be extended.) 

Clients often ask how much they should fund since they are in control. Beyond our own internal legal lead generation campaigns, we have extraordinarily powerful lead generation partners.  Its for that reason we recommend adding enough funds initially to cover 20 leads, and keeping it always funded to cover a minimum of 10 leads. Why? This allows us to create ongoing campaigns and extend it to powerful legal lead generation partners, giving you steady and uninterrupted flow of new legal clients.

Valid Refund Requests
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