Choosing Lead Packages
At, you have two options for how you receive your Live Calls and Web Leads. Each one has its own pricing and selection of legal categories.

We recommend using BOTH Live Calls and Web Leads together. For each type of lead, you can choose...

1. Standard Delivery
2. Priority Delivery

When you create your account, you'll be asked to choose a delivery type. After that, you can mix and match. For example, you could receive all of your leads as "Priority Delivery" or you could split them up and receive "Standard Delivery Web Leads" with "Priority Delivery Live Calls." It's up to you and is easily managed in your account portal.

 Standard Delivery 
at $10 per Lead & 12 per Call
Standard Delivery sends you a random mix of legal plan leads from our most popular, highest-converting categories. These are the categories of law practice we've identified as being of highest interest and relevance to potential legal plan customers. We continually refine and curate the selection of categories based on feedback from our clients. 
 Law categories INCLUDED in the Standard Delivery lead flow: Business Law, Civil Lawsuit Defense, Collections and Debt, Consumer Law, Copyrights and Trademarks, Debt Collector Harassment, Employment Law, Foreclosure Defense, ID Theft, Insurance Claims, Lemon Law, Non-Eviction Landlord Tenant, Non-Workplace Discrimination, Nursing Home Abuse, Patent Law, Power of Attorney, Probate and Estates, Property Dispute, Real Estate Dispute, Real Estate Transactions, Suspended License, Tax Law, Traffic Law, Wills and Trusts, and Workplace Discrimination.
 Law categories NOT INCLUDED in the Standard Delivery lead flow: Adoption, Asbestos and Mesothelioma, Auto Accident Injury, Bankruptcy, Child Birth Injury, Child Custody, Child Support, Criminal Defense, Criminal Appeals, Criminal Expungement, Divorce, DUI, Eviction Landlord Tenant, Family Law, Immigration, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Police Brutality, Probation Violations, Social Security Disability, Vaccination Injury, Victim of a Crime, Workers Comp, and Wrongful Termination. 

The categories INCLUDED in this option can not be adjusted. However, categories from the NOT INCLUDED list above can be added upon request.

 Priority Delivery 
Category Selection
at $14 per Lead & $15 per Call
We offer this package because experienced legal plan sales associates have a strong understanding of their client base and wish to refine their lead flow for efficiency of time and higher conversion rates. This option allows you to customize your lead flow by selecting your categories. This package also gives you priority delivery status for leads.

We recommend choosing from the categories which are INCLUDED with Standard Delivery above, but Priority Delivery with Category Selection does allow you to select any of our available categories.