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PLEASE NOTE: 4LegalLeads does NOT ever list your website (including hub site) in CPC search traffic. We will never send CPC clicks (such as AdWords/Bing) to your hubsite via search campaigns per the requested guidelines of legal plan companies wishing to keep that official traffic for themselves. Those seeking legal help will be connected to you from our own ongoing site traffic and call platforms we've built over the last 20 years.

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 Current Funding Bonuses

Add $75 or more for 4% Funding Bonus!

Add $150 or more for 6% Funding Bonus!

Add $300 or more for 7% Funding Bonus!

Add $750 or more for 8% Funding Bonus!

Add $1,500 or more for 9% Funding Bonus!

Add $3,000 or more for 10% Funding Bonus!



 - Add enough funds for 15-20 leads/calls in order to get a sense of lead flow, lead quality, to stay eligible for new Exclusive leads and Pre-Qualified calls and to get leads over other associates.

- Update the STATUS of your leads so we know how to get you better and better quality. Associates updating their Statuses see a higher close rate!

- Request Refund for an invalid leadFull list of eligible return reasons here. (Return window = five 24 hour cycles from the time you received the lead) Accurate return requests will help your ROI and provide feedback necessary to optimize the campaigns. Return requests are verified and processed in 3-5 business days.

- We are here for you always by emailing [email protected].

-You may pause/unpause your account or filters at any time!

- Refund of remaining balance must be requested within 120 days and will be sent back to the card used for that transaction. Bonus Funds are not eligible as part of a refund of remaining balance.

Active and funded accounts are eligible for new leads if your filters are active. You are responsible for when your account is paused/unpaused. Contact [email protected] for assistance.

Stay funded and keep leads coming to YOU and not to your competitors!

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Current Referral Bonuses

When you refer someone to, ask them to select "Other" when asked, "How did you hear about us?" You'll want them to type your name into the field. 

Once the referred account funds and spends $300+ within 90 days, your account will be rewarded a $50 Referral Bonus as a "Thank You". These funds can be used toward new leads/calls!