Not All Leads Are Created Equal

Key Takeaways

  • Some law firms have been utilizing online marketing for years. The pandemic resulted in a mass migration online.
  • An experienced lead provider’s first step to ensure quality leads is to employ a targeted marketing approach.
  • Gaining clients in today’s competitive online market begins and ends with choosing the right lead provider.

What drives success with lead generation?

You’ve probably heard the old property adage –  the three most important things about real estate are location, location, location. Given today’s competitive online market, the three most important things about legal lead generation are quality, quality, quality!

Why the focus on quality now?

While law firms have been utilizing online marketing for years, the pandemic spawned a mass migration online. As a result, more and more law firms are adding outsourced online lead generation to their marketing plans. In fact, this happens even if they are doing their own advertising in-house. With the shift toward digital marketing, legal lead providers have emerged as a vital resource for law firms looking to connect with potential clients. Simply put, law firms can spend more time caring for their clients while an online lead provider routes new leads to them online, to their CRM or live on the phone. Plus, online lead generation holds the potential for expanding both areas of practice and geographic coverage.

Not surprisingly, the market reacted with a huge increase in the number of lead providers competing for law firm business. These new entries into the vertical are eager to spend your revenue without the necessary vetting of quality.

On the bright side, some lead generation companies are far more sophisticated with better targeting capabilities than previous iterations. However, most lead providers are not created equal. Specifically, the quality of legal lead generation companies can be highly variable. Consequently, it is crucial for law firms to partner with a legal lead provider that prioritizes quality control. As the landscape of the legal industry continues to change, keeping up with the latest trends and ensuring high-quality leads is essential for sustainable growth.

What drives quality?

A targeted marketing approach

An experienced lead provider’s first step to ensuring quality leads is to employ a targeted marketing approach. This typically involves using advanced targeting techniques to identify and reach potential clients who are more likely to require your specific legal services. By utilizing demographic filters, geographical targeting, buyer intent, and other tools, the provider can narrow down their audience and deliver leads that match the specific criteria of your law firm. The focus on quality over quantity saves time and resources by providing leads that are most likely to convert.

This process is never static and your lead source must constantly evolve. uses over 25 years of keyword data tied back to what converts and works for lawyers across the United States and in 40+ legal categories to bring you the prospective cases most likely to convert. 

Lead verification

Accurate and reliable lead information is critical for improving conversion rates and saving valuable time and effort. Law firms need to choose a lead provider that employs robust verification processes. Lead providers must ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the leads they deliver. Verification methods include email validation, phone verification, and screening for duplicate or fraudulent traffic, such as bots and incentivisation. Importantly, the automated phone screening system that most lead providers use does not take into consideration that consumers are often unsure of the type of help they need. In fact, consumers often miscategorize their legal problem and reach the wrong attorney with the wrong press of a button. This creates frustration for people on both sides of the call, wasting valuable time and money. Consumer confusion wastes time, so lead providers must take steps to reduce it in the conversion path.

As an industry innovator, was not satisfied with the automated (IVR) screening status quo. has rebuilt their live call infrastructure to route leads through their internal call center and screen the leads personally, forging a major advance in industry standards. In the live conversations provided by our Prequalified Live Calls, it is much easier to resolve a consumer’s confusion. As a result, we can better match them with the appropriate law firm. created Quality Screening Criteria, and we transfer only callers who meet all the criteria for a specific legal category. In fact, we discard the majority of calls that would normally waste your time and money.

Feedback and evaluation

For some providers, the relationship ends once they’ve sold the lead to the law firm. If a lead provider lacks system-wide features that encourage ongoing lawyer feedback, a law firm’s success with leads may be short-lived. At, we view our relationship with law firms as a partnership – we want to help your firm grow over the long term. Consequently, we want to know whether a lead is off base or a perfect fit because we care about providing better and better quality leads and calls that convert. This feedback allows us to continuously monitor, evaluate, and adjust our lead generation strategies. not only analyzes your feedback, but that of thousands of lawyers across the U.S. to find patterns for success for every future dollar you spend. Innovative features like our Interactive Partner Portal empower the constant fine-tuning of campaign performance to save you time and increase your ROI. has an entire verification department that constantly reviews feedback from lawyers, randomly reviews and spot checks leads for quality, and pools together feedback from thousands of attorneys to improve even your individual campaign. This is why the symbiotic relationship with is so highly valued. We prioritize feedback not only on leads that are invalid, but leads that convert so we can win you more of those.

Delivery method

An important part of the quality equation is exclusivity and real-time delivery of web leads and live calls. Having both exclusivity and the ability to respond immediately increases the odds of converting a lead into a client. Lawyers should ensure that their lead provider actually delivers on these terms, if promised. Sadly, many lead generation companies cycle the lead to multiple lawyers at once. This shotgun approach generates numerous phone calls from different law firms to a prospective client who quickly becomes overwhelmed. At, exclusivity always means a one lead per lawyer connection delivered in real-time to give you an edge over the competition. We maintain that one to one relationship instead of using our competitors methods of selling leads multiple times to “exclusive areas” to receive double, triple, or even quadruple the payouts.

Lead intake integration

Success in the lead generation market also requires a law firm to have well-run intake processes and efficient tracking infrastructure. This way the law firm can track the lead throughout the firm’s sales cycle. Choosing a lead provider that is tech savvy and able to integrate with your systems is key. is fully integrated with client intake software, such as Clio Grow, Filevine and several others. This integration saves law firms on data entry and gives them the best chance to convert quality leads into clients. 

Compliance with legal and ethical standards

A trusted legal lead provider understands the importance of compliance with legal and ethical standards. This ensures that lead generation practices adhere to relevant laws and regulations, such as data protection and privacy law. is TCPA compliant and is devoted to safeguarding the integrity and quality of our leads. Additionally, we employ TrustedForm across the legal vertical to not only support further compliance, but to assist in the highest quality of lead generation verification.

Are you ready to choose quality and growth?

In conclusion, gaining clients in today’s competitive online market begins and ends with choosing the right lead provider. Partnering with an experienced lead provider can help ensure profitable growth over the long term. At, our commitment to providing Exclusive Web Leads and Prequalified Live Calls has set new standards for quality and customer support for over 20 years. As a result, we stay on top of market changes and deliver leads that have a higher potential for conversion. As your trusted partner, can make lead generation a worthy financial investment that grows your practice without the lengthy time investment of more traditional forms of new client location and development.