Attorney seeks new clients from her office by connecting online with Spanish speaking leads

Spanish Speaking Leads are Generating Growth Potential for Law Firms


Until recently, there’s been a substantial gap in the legal leads market. Even though there are more than 41 million Spanish speaking people in the United States, there has been a distinct shortage of services that help attorneys to connect with them and find new clients. is meeting that need by launching a new service for Spanish Speaking Legal Leads.

4LegalLeads is one of the oldest and most experienced legal lead providers in the industry. Their nationwide presence will allow attorneys to expand their practices by accessing the incredible growth potential of this massive market.


Spanish Speaking Leads Also Have a High Conversion Rate

To add to the growth potential, law firms are reporting that Spanish speaking leads often have a higher conversion rate than English-speaking leads. The reasons for this are understandable.

First, for Spanish speaking leads living in the United States, there is a pre-established bridge of trust built when the attorney they reach speaks their language.

Second, that trust only increases the odds that leads will hire the first attorney they speak with, and statistics on English speaking leads already show that 72 percent hire the first attorney they reach.

The third reason that attorneys are seeing strong conversion rates with Spanish speaking leads is that they have far less competition from other law firms. Fewer services available mean fewer attorneys racing to reach the same leads. Llaw firms who jump on this new opportunity will gain an early foothold in their local markets.


Here’s How Spanish Speaking Leads Work

For a tactical advantage, account holders at 4LegalLeads will be able to establish targeting for categories of law and geographic areas that is different from their English speaking leads. Spanish speaking leads will be available as both Web Leads and Live Calls. This allows the leads to choose the form of communication with which they’re most comfortable.

At, you can target your leads nationwide or by state, county, or zip code radius. Then, you can make advanced adjustments. You can customize targeting for individual offices, cutting across or staying within state lines. You can also select specific categories of law for each office. only delivers exclusive, real-time legal leads, and there are no contracts, setup fees, subscriptions, or minimums to consider. Attorneys can access the growth potential of Spanish speaking leads by creating an account at or by calling (888) 847-4437.



Team of attorneys at law firm having meeting about finding new clients with legal leads

Law firms who need to Find New Clients are facing a big problem.

While nearly all potential clients are now searching online for an attorney, it’s become increasingly difficult for law firms to stand out in search results.

Here’s how Legal Leads help.

1) We use 20 years of online advertising expertise to make sure potential clients in your region can find your law firm. As they search for an attorney, we route them to you as a Legal Lead.

2) Legal Leads are EXCLUSIVE and delivered in REAL-TIME through the web or LIVE on the phone. This means you can respond to leads right in the moment they reach out for help. It’s the best time to win them as a new client.

You only pay when you receive a lead. You can stop at any time, and you have an excellent customer support team to help you succeed!

CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT at It only takes a moment. Then, we’ll be in touch to help you complete your setup so you can start finding new clients!

4LegalLeads helps attorneys overcome the challenges of online marketing to find new clients for their law firms.