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Too Many Law Firms Miss Out on Legal Leads as a Solution for Finding New Clients Online


After all of these years, legal leads still feel like a best-kept secret, We’re always surprised how many attorneys are missing this critical piece in their online marketing strategy

Legal leads give law firms the ability to stretch far beyond their existing resources. They can engage a national marketing firm to deliver prospective clients to their inboxes and phones.

However, many attorneys are missing out on this opportunity either from a lack of awareness or a because of misconceptions about how legal leads work. We’re going to tackle the top questions and concerns about leads so you can evaluate this as a growth strategy for their firms.


So what ARE legal leads anyway?

A lead is simply someone who is requesting legal help. They submit their request in a multitude of ways including a form filled out voluntarily on one of our landing pages or by calling in directly.

4LegalLeads provides exclusive connections in real-time based on your combination of location and legal category. They’re delivered in a rotation with any other attorney with similar targeting.

Exclusive Leads – We should talk about exclusivity. Some players in the industry will throw this term around without honoring what it really means, but when we say exclusive, we mean just that: a one client per one lawyer connection. Some providers will put lawyers into a multi-share model and force them into a race to see who can contact the consumer first.

Real-Time Delivery – Real-time means that as soon as the request comes in, the lawyer is notified by email and text or connected live on the phone.

These two features work together to give attorneys an edge over their competition. Having both exclusivity and the ability to respond immediately increases the odds of converting a lead into a client.


Are law firms allowed to buy legal leads or advertise?

Absolutely, though it’s important to keep aware of your state’s individual guidelines and recommendations. For example, in some states 4LegalLeads is required to register as a qualified provider. In most states they’re considered part of a group advertising model.

Our policy is to follow the best practice rules of every state, and to apply those rules on the national level regardless. That means we self-enforce best practices such as: no fee splitting, no rating of lawyers, no promises of monetary outcomes, providing notifications of paid lawyer advertisements, following TCPA compliance, and so much more.

Attorneys should always ask a lead provider if they’re following these practices. Their answers will immediately sort out quality providers from the rest.


How is legal lead generation different from SEO?

Law firms are inundated with sales calls from SEO companies who are fighting to win one-off payments that don’t have the attorneys’ best interests at heart. They promise to “list the attorney’s website” on a dozen keywords with zero accountability for cost-per-call or lead acquisition.

Worse, they can’t deal in the volume a law firm desires due to SEO limitations. While every law firm website should follow good SEO practices, we would be comparing apples and oranges.

An SEO company gets you listed on a handful of longtail keywords such as “personal injury lawyer Scranton.” They will never be able to generate clients off of lucrative, high volume terms like “personal injury lawyer”.

4LegalLeads can do this because we work with attorneys nationally connecting each request with an attorney in their location.  4LegalLeads also extends the reach of the law firms who work with us to tens of thousands of keywords instead of the handful of long-tail keywords an SEO company scrambles for.  Search is just one subset of the marketing 4LegalLeads does.


Where does a company like 4LegalLeads fit into a law firm’s marketing plan?

Even if your law firm has online advertising all figured out and is crushing your competition, one simple fact remains. We get thousands of requests for lawyers per day that missed your law firm’s website because of our much more extensive reach.

So here’s the strategic question. “Don’t you want to get more ‘pieces of the pie’ of the potential clients who are out there?” and “Don’t you want to make sure they connect with your law firm first instead of your competitors?”

The other strategic win is that these requests are all inbound. This means the lead has initiated contact and wants to speak with you. That one advantage alone goes a long way towards winning them as a new client.


What if a firm is too busy and doesn’t need more prospective clients?

This is a good problem to have. However, it’s not just new mid-sized and solo law firms who benefit from lead generation. We have lawyers from some of the top firms in the country who have been active with us nonstop for years.

The simple reason is that having more prospective clients in the pipeline gives you far more control over the types of cases you wish to take on. It also helps you control your downtime between caseloads.


What type of law firm can benefit from legal leads? What categories do you cover?

We have the widest scope of categories in the industry – Auto Accident, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, DUI, Family Law, Workers Comp, SSDI, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Wills/Trusts – over 40 categories.

If an attorney is in an extremely niche category not yet covered such as Maritime Law or Securities, we encourage them to let us know they’re interested. We maintain lists of firms in these categories who are waiting for us to expand.


New lead providers are constantly emerging. How does experience make a difference in the end result?

We know the daunting task every law firm faces when trying to tackle online advertising.  We’ve been doing it for 20+ years across the entire United States for more than 40 categories of law. When a law firm goes to do it themselves, there are a dozen pitfalls to trip them up. We help them skip past all that wasted time and marketing budget.

In the end, that’s the most misunderstood thing about leads, the expertise it takes to do it right. Why would a law firm try to recreate 20 years of marketing experience and generate their own leads?


How does a firm get started with 4LegalLeads?

It’s simple, just visit 4LegalLeads.com to create your account or call (888) 847-4437 to speak to our team directly. Unlike many companies, 4LegalLeads has no long-term contracts, and you are in control of your budget. After you create your account, our support team will customize and optimize your account for you.



Team of attorneys at law firm having meeting about finding new clients with legal leads

Law firms who need to Find New Clients are facing a big problem.

While nearly all potential clients are now searching online for an attorney, it’s increasingly difficult for law firms to stand out in search results.

Here’s how Legal Leads help.

1) We use 20 years of online advertising expertise to make sure potential clients in your region can find your law firm. As they search for an attorney, we route them to you as a Legal Lead.

2) Legal Leads are EXCLUSIVE and delivered in REAL-TIME through the web or LIVE on the phone. This means you can respond to leads right in the moment they reach out for help. It’s the best time to win them as a new client.

You only pay when you receive a lead. You can stop at any time, and you have an excellent customer support team to help you succeed!

CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT at 4legalleads.com/lawyers. It only takes a moment. Then, we’ll be in touch to help you complete your setup so you can start finding new clients!

4LegalLeads helps attorneys overcome the challenges of online marketing to find new clients for their law firms.