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Here’s the Best Way to Improve Your Conversion Rate with Legal Leads

No one likes it when a legal lead doesn’t convert into a client. The sales process can be frustrating for the most seasoned of attorneys, but here is the single most effective thing you can do to win more clients with legal leads


Respond to your legal leads IMMEDIATELY.

And by that, we mean immediately – not the next day, not later the same day, but right away.

Depending on your location and area of legal practice, competition for leads can be fierce, and the leads aren’t going to wait for you. In this game, success isn’t measured by hours, it’s measured by minutes.


The Science and Statistics Behind Lead Response Time

You may have noticed that your Real-Time Web Leads and Live Calls at are built around the idea of making a fast response. That’s not just a handy feature. That’s the WHOLE BALLGAME.

There’s a classic study on this issue conducted by Dr. James B. Oldroyd of MIT in 2007. Oldroyd found that a 5-minute response time increases the odds of contacting a lead 100 fold over a 30-minute response time!

Worse yet, if you don’t reach them quickly, they WILL look to other services to find an attorney. Legal leads are anxious to find help, and our attention spans have only gotten worse since this study in 2007.


Here are best practices for a fast response to legal leads!

A little intention goes a long way in improving your response to leads. Although there are software solutions you can use to improve your client intake process, you just need some basic processes in place,

  1. Make sure you have a staff member or an answering service on call to respond to leads when you can’t be available.
  1. Train whoever’s answering to qualify the legal lead and schedule a time when you will call back so that the lead feels cared for.
  1. Have whoever’s answering explain what happens next! Legal leads feel more confident and are less likely to look elsewhere for help when there’s a process in place. All they need is a rough outline of what the next steps will be. For example, “Our attorney will listen to your concern and then offer you a plan of how to address it and a quote on what it will cost. After that, you’ll be able to take legal action!”


A fast response makes ALL the difference in your conversion rate.

A fast response creates trust, and it gives your legal leads confidence that you’re going to take good care of them.
After all of your years of training and experience, it will seem odd that this one thing can make such a difference. It might even seem unfair, but it works. Your legal lead response time can make or break your law firm’s potential for growth.


Team of attorneys at law firm having meeting about finding new clients with legal leads

Law firms who need to Find New Clients are facing a big problem.

While nearly all potential clients are now searching online for an attorney, it’s become increasingly difficult for law firms to stand out in search results.

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