legal professional tries to succeed at remote work while distracted by family

From Our Team to Yours: Here are Our Best Remote Work Tips for Legal Professionals


Time Lost Its Meaning? Distractions Abound? YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Regardless of how the 50 states set phases for the re-opening of business after COVID-19 shutdowns, remote work will be a part of life for Law Firms for quite a while. We thought we’d check in with our support and verification teams to see what they’ve learned so you can find some ideas that improve your remote work experience.

We’re dedicated to your success with legal leads, and that includes helping you stay productive in your new routine! You can pass this along to your own team as well or to your friends. Most of these tips below will help anyone working from home and not just legal professionals. We hope it helps!

Here’s What We’ve Learned…


Getting Started with Your Remote Work Day

Our team is united around the idea that without a destination to reach, one of the biggest challenges on a day of remote work is getting started.

  • Set a morning routine, whether that’s setting the same alarm, pouring coffee into your favorite mug, or having morning journal time. It all helps to set the day off on the right foot!SAM
  • Dress the part! It may sound silly, but I have found “getting ready” for work helps focus your mind and get you in a more productive schedule. Whether that means changing from “night time pj’s” to “quarantine daytime pj’s” or actually putting on business casual attire and brushing your hair – you decide!HALEY
  • Since my job has work I’m able to do at any time of day or week, the biggest thing is just to clock in. I can tend to procrastinate the beginning of my work day. Once I just click “go” on my timeclock, I’m able to concentrate, and the work flows by.ERIK

And this bit of advice, though practical, might not work for everyone…

  • It helps if you have a dog who needs to go outside and pee.PAUL


Establishing Your Remote Work Environment

This topic was on everyone’s work-from-home list. Here are some highlights

  • This can be super tricky in a busy household or small NYC apartment, but I have found creating a space that is dedicated to work allows me to “leave work” and find rest in the other spaces in the home. Turn on a great “focus” playlist in the background, light a candle, get your coffee made and then commit to your workspace the same you would as time in the office.HALEY
  • Prepare your space (play some jams) and create your “bunker”. Your environment will help or hinder your productivity BUT also know there will be chaos all around you. When working from home there’s going to be unfolded laundry and dirty dishes. Just try to ignore them until you’re done working. – MAEVE


Breaks and Self-Care

Our team definitely agrees that everyone needs to give their remote work schedule a little grace when the world has gone crazy. Self-care for Legal Professionals was important before the pandemic, and it’s even more important now.

  • When I’m distracted, I find it’s best to take a moment to regroup – rather than plowing through – when I know I won’t be working at my optimum level. – MEGHAN
  • Having a true break means setting screen time boundaries. If I’m going to take a break, I like to also put away my phone, make a snack, maybe sit outside. The break from screen time is a great recharge. – MAEVE
  • This is not just a snow day or a sick day home from the office. It’s a pandemic. I think it’s crucial to allow more compassion for ourselves and our coworkers. In your office in the “Real World” you might get a cup of coffee in between calls, ask a coworker how her family is, or walk around for at least five minutes. By allowing a bit of “normalcy” into your stay-at-home routine you will be able to work more dedicated, full days. – HALEY
  • Don’t forget to eat/drink water!  And don’t let social media make you feel you need to be doing something more (learning something new, yoga, dieting, generating productivity). If that is what you need and are excited about, that’s GREAT, but everyone handles “home” time differently. – JENNIFER

And here’s PAUL keeping it practical again…

  • Take breaks when you need them. Work. Walk the dog. Nap. Work. Cut the lawn. Nap. Make lunch. Work. Nap. Work. Take pre-dinner nap. Work. Done.


If You Work Remotely and Have Kids

  • Save your kids’ screen time, nap time, etc for important meetings. Try to lump as many important calls and meetings together in those time blocks as you can. However, know that you can be transparent. Just be real with your coworkers and, if appropriate, your clients too. We’re all adjusting to this new normal. – MAEVE


Final Thoughts

  • Enjoy the opportunity to relax if you have that luxury. We get it so rarely. – JENNIFER
  • Know when to clock out, close your computer, and walk away. – MAEVE

And from PAUL

  • Confirm whiskey levels are sufficient until bedtime.

We…we’re pretty sure he doesn’t really do that. You’re not doing that, are you Paul? We’ll talk later.


We’re here for you!

Remote work isn’t easy for anyone, and somehow together we’ll figure it out! We’re here to help your legal business thrive!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns about legal leads, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].


Stay Safe Out There!

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